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* The full Daily Mirror archive 1903-current is presently restricted to Education and Library institution users.

Higher Education and Further Education Access

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Packages for Higher Education and Further Education are available directly through UKPressOnline or via JISC. Full details are available on the JISC website.

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All-inclusive Personal Package

Subscribers with a Personal Log In can have reduced-price access to all available titles and pages on UKPressOnline - the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Star on Sunday, Morning Star, Church Times, The Watchman, the South Eastern Gazette, the WWII package that includes the 1933-45 Daily Worker, Yorkshire Post, Fascist Week, Action, The Blackshirt and the Kent Messenger's 'Great War in Kent 1914-18' which includes the Kent Messenger and Herne Bay Press.

Package Price

*Personal access to the Mirror archive is currently restricted to 1903-1980.

The Great War in Kent

The role of Kent in the Great War. World War One as described in the pages of The Kent Messenger's newspapers from Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Gravesend, Herne Bay and across the surrounding region in the South Eastern Gazette.

Package Price

World War One: The War to End all Wars (1914-1918)

Read all about World War One, reported as it happened in the pages of two major national newspapers: The Daily Mirror and Daily Express; the newspapers of Kent (which was Britain's staging post for the War) and the unique perspective of the The Church Times. Covering all of 1914 to 1918 this archive presents much material which has been seen by only a few people in the last century!

Package Price

South Eastern Gazette

South Eastern Gazette (1852-1912)

Package Price

The South Eastern Gazette (1852-1912), formerly the Maidstone Gazette and a precursor of the Kent Messenger was a major regional title for the south-east of England, reporting on Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Greater London (South and East) and Essex!

Express Group Personal

The Express group contains the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday titles.

Package Price

Daily Express Personal

The Daily Express and Sunday Express titles.

Package Price

Star Personal

The Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday titles.

Package Price

Daily Mirror Personal

Personal access to the Mirror archive is currently restricted to 1903-1980.

Package Price

The Watchman

The Watchman (and Wesleyan Advertiser) 1835-1884; the first Methodist newspaper - launched in the aftermath of the (Wesleyan) Tolpuddle Martyrs - and the fore-runner of the Methodist Recorder.

Package Price

The Watchman started out in 1835 billed as a weekly journal of news, politics, religion and literature. It went on to become the Watchman and Wesleyan Advertiser in 1849 until it ceased publication at the end of 1884.

Church Times

Church Times 1863-present (four weeks ago)

Package Price

Mosley Press Personal

The complete archive of British Union of Fascists newspapers 1931-1940, includes Action, The Blackshirt and Fascist Week from launch until they were banned.

Package Price

WWII The Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Churchill (1933-1945)

This is the story of the War, how it came about, how it was fought and how it finished, in the pages of a broad sweep of the contemporary press - from Fleet Street's Daily Mirror and Daily Express to the Far Right newspapers of the Mosleyite Press.

Package Price

This now includes the Yorkshire Post and we have begun to add the Communist Party's Daily Worker. You can follow the day-by-day accounts of all political views, from Hitler's appointment as German Chancellor, the outbreak of war, the Blitz, the battles, the final peace and the Khaki Election that followed it.

Daily Worker Morning Star Personal

Daily Worker 1930-1966 and Morning Star 1966-present (four weeks ago)*.

Package Price

*The Daily Worker and Morning Star archive is under construction - currently 1930-1945 and 2000-present and is discounted to reflect the incomplete archive.

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