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UKPressOnline gives you unparalleled access to one of the most definitive resources of 20th and 21st Century history available on the web. Covering 1835 to the present day, UKPressOnline offers you contemporary accounts, reports and opinion on everything from world politics to the latest fashions of the day, as told in the pages of some of the most influential newspapers of all time.

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Higher Education and Further Education Access

Available Worldwide

Packages for Higher Education and Further Education are available directly through UKPressOnline or via JISC. Full details are available on the JISC website.

Non-UK Academic Institutions should contact for local price information.

Schools Access

Available Worldwide

Packages for schools are available. For more information contact

Library Access

Available Worldwide

Public Library subscriptions allow UKPressOnline newspaper archives to be made available to library members on the library website using their library card. This makes 24/7 provision very easy to provide. To find out more please contact

Personal Access

UKPressOnline subscriptions are designed primarily for Education and Library institutions on annual contract, but personal access is also available by six-monthly and annual contract. The packages below offer the current subscriptions per package (all prices include UK VAT at current rates, where applicable).


1. Full annual access: £150

2. Full access 6-months: £90

3. WWI & WWII annual access (1914-1919 and 1939-1945): £50


Payment is via BACS - please contact for more info

Prices are for a continuous period of access to the archive. During that time, you can search, view and print anything in that archive – for personal use only; any commercial use or republication has to be agreed in advance with the relevant publisher.


Business Access

Business accounts, with multi user access by IP-recognition are available. For details, email or use the contact page.